Body Language and Gestures

A subtle type of communication is body language.  How a person holds themselves not only shows what type of individual they are, but also what they are trying to do/achieve.  Body language can be used to convey a message, or drop hints.  For example, body language can be used when being flirtatious.  Common types of body language that come across flirtatiously are, twirling your hair, or fluttering your eyelashes.  You can also use your body to attract attention, a very common way of flirtation. By going to the library I found a book about body language which was very interesting.  Using the book I created illustrations  with pen and pencil to show examples of how your body can be used to communicate.

Body Language drawings

A more obvious way of communicating is by using gestures. Gestures are something that everybody seems to understand, regardless to your nationality or culture and is a huge way of communicating.  Gestures have been used for years, and still to this day people enjoy to communicate with their hands. Like body language, gestures can be used to convey a message, thought or feeling; for example, a thumbs up always represents something positive, whereas a thumbs down- negative.  The more I thought about gestures, the more it fascinated me. Therefore I went to the library to research more in depth. The book shown below again helped me to create drawn illustrations to show examples of gestures which are uses globally.

Gestures drawings