Blind Art Experimentation

I decided to take my experimentation further. Although I think photography etching clearly links with blind art, I don’t think a blind person would actually be able to feel the texture of the etching and understand what the image is. This is because the scratches came out a little and messy which could be misleading to a blind person trying to read it.  I decided that I would take this approach further, but do so in a way that would be better for someone who is blind.  Using foam board I first drew onto the board using my gesture photography and then etched into my drawing with a scalpel.  This created a very interesting visual. Below shows my first attempt along with my second experiment in which I included braille. With these images, looking at in digitally does not do it justice as seeing it in person.  As it was on white foam board, the etched drawings were not obvious to see- depending on how you look at the image and the lighting.

Braille exp 1

Braille exp2


The braille used on the top says “hello” and the bottom half says “nice to meet you”.