Tweaking my Type

Refined Typeface

When I refined my type, overall I was rather pleased with the outcome, and thought about going straight to creating a digital version. However, when looking back on my refined type, I found little areas that I felt needed “tweaking” in order to keep the type consistent. Therefore I decided to redraft the letters that I thought had minor problems with; the letters: F, H, K, Q, R and W. Below is my redraft.

Tweaking typography


With the original letter F, it stood out from the rest.  This is because the thick black line running through numerous letters was higher than the rest.  Therefore my minor alteration was to lower the black line so that it is the consistent.  In doing this it changed the dynamics of the letter, therefore I had to work around how the letter can look the same, but different- better.

The H involved a very minor alteration. With the original draft, the width of the top rectangle shape used was slightly less than it should be. Therefore i simply ensured it was the same size as the rest so that it looked easier on the eye.

With the letters K, R, Q and W; the changes made were all for the same reason.  In the typeface I used not only rectangles and circles, but triangles.  The use of triangles however were all at different sizes, as apposed to the rectangles and circles.  At the time I didn’t think anything of this, but looking back I thought it would be beneficial to keep all the shapes the same size. If I create a digital version I will be thankful that I made the decision to do this because it will also make the digital creation easier as the shapes can be copied and placed.