Adobe Illustrator: Typography

Today’s tutorial was all about typography in illustrator.  By doing this, I hope it will support the typography workshop we do Monday mornings.  With the typography workshop, my next step is to use my designs to create and digital and professional version on my created type; if I am happy with it, I may incorporate it within my Earth Artifact project.

Firstly, Steve our tutor showed us that we can use guides which helps with type in Illustrator. The obvious way of using guides is through “rulers”, i am familiar with this method as it is the same within Photoshop.  However, Steve wanted us to instead use “line segments”. We created numerous line segments spread across the page at a 2cm separation to create a template for the text. To lock the lines into place and make them un-editable, we pressed command and 5.  When using guides it is quite beneficial because you can switch between visibility, this is done by pressing command and semicolon.

We created a vertical line going from one guide to the other, and then a circle next to it.  This looked like a P.  Using the scissors tool we cut the bottom half of the circle. Throughout, I would duplicate parts of creating the type, so that I can easily re-use them.  This was done by pressing alt and selecting and dragging the object away. By placing the curl with the vertical line, we intended on creating an “F”. However it was finished off my using the scissors tool to cut the anchor of the F.

Steve then decided we would do a different style of font, creating a bold “C”. We started off my creating a circle, but before going any further we aligned the stroke of the circle to the inside; this stops it from going outside the path. Then we created a rectangle, rotated it onto the circle. This is because we intended on using the rectangle to create the C shape from the circle.  It was done by using the divide path.

Illustrator Tutorial