Earth Artifact: Stronger Ideas Road Map

I had lots of initial Ideas for this project, however some interested me more than others.  Therefore I decided to do a road map of my “stronger ideas”, which could potentially be explored in my project.

I see the project so not be a literal attempt at contacting other, or E.T life form; I see it as an opportunity for you to express your perception of what Earth is to you.  However, I do think Communication, is very important.  I’m interested in different ways of communication, how different people in different cultures around the world communicate with one another- and thinking outside the box, the methods we forget about such as Braile, for the blind, and Light, for the deaf.  I also find it interesting looking at gestures. How people can communication with their face and body without saying any words.

I think it would be an interesting approach if I thought about less of the physical “earth” and more about the life form on it, the people who make earth what it is. Humans.  Try answering this question:

What does it mean to be human?

Not easy is it.  I think it would be interesting to explore that question, and see if there is in fact an answer, of course different people say different things, so perhaps there is no such thing as one answer.  “I’m only human” is a quote we humans use, usually as a way of making an excuse, making a mistake.  I find this fascinating; what is it that makes us “only human” , and does that mean it we shouldn’t be proud of it? Or is in in fact, how we stop and admit that we are vulnerable; that doesn’t make us weak.

As an output to the project, I am leaning towards information graphics. I have always liked and appreciated “infographics” and have wanted to experiment with it myself.  Communication, I feel is important with this project,  therefore I feel it would be beneficial to include infographics within my work.  I’m interesting in semiotics: ideograms and picturegrams, which are often used in Infographics.  They interest me because, without using text, you instantly get some understanding as to what the image is telling, or informing you.  Very effective means of communication.  If I was to create infographics, I would prefer to take a different approach than the norm, focusing more on the visuals in the image- rather than text, so it will create a more attractive and interesting visual that isn’t quite as obvious in the representation as most inforgraphics are.