Typographic Characters (2)

I was rather happy with my first font experiment which was done in the workshop, this can be found here.  What I particularly liked about the created type was that you could easily see the link to the designer El Lissitzky, and I preferred the letters which used more simplistic shapes.  Therefore for my second typographic style I decided to base it on an image by Herbert Bayer to be inspired by, this image is shown below. Herbert Bayer was a modernist and worked within the Bauhaus and New Typography movements.

Herbert Bayer

I was attracted to this image because the type is very subtle and I think it is being used very cleverly.  I think this style is very strong and it looks so simplistic but at the same time rather impressive. I was also attracted to this image because I feel that the visuals look like they could be used as an information graphic- when I view the image I see pie charts and diagrams as well as the type and simplicity.  With the “Earth Artifact” project, I feel as though I may want to research into information graphics, if that leads somewhere, hopefully experimenting with this style will have been beneficial.  Below shows my sketches inspired by this style.


I was rather pleased with the outcome of my type face design.  I feel as though you can easily see the relation to Herbert Bayer’s work, but at the same time you can see how I have made it my own.  If I felt this was my strongest type experiment, I would work back into this by adding colour, so it has the full effect.