Earth Artifact: Mind Mapping Ideas

I decided that it would be beneficial to mind map all my initial ideas as well as important aspects of the project, that way I can reflect on my initial ideas throughout the project and ensure I meet the specifications of the brief.  In addition to this, I also generally prefer to get all my thoughts down on paper and put it within a sketchbook as a method of working.  All the information came from notes that I made in the briefing or any extra research that I have done.

Below shows the key information with the original project- the Voyager Golden Record.  I thought it would be wise to note what the project was, its aims and its content.  That way I could use it as inspiration for creating my own interpretation.

Below shows the mind map of the brief specifications, as well as all my initial ideas on the project.  As you can see I have a lot of ideas which could be pursued, however I am yet to decide on what I want to portray in the project.  Once that is decided I will know what to include and how I can effectively portray the meaning behind my work.  I intend to research into different aspects of my themes in order to see which I think has more potential to pursue.