Typographic Characters

Today was our second workshop of the new typography task we have been set, with the result to hopefully have our own created font.  Our tutor John showed us previous students examples of created fonts which were rather impressive, before setting us our workshop task.

“Using the reference provided, transcribe shapes to make letterforms and or typographic characters.  Lowercase or Upper case, using the characters anesg.  You should generate at least three different options from the image samples provided.”

On a table was a collection of resources which we could choose form to gain inspiration for our font ideas.  I chose an image by El Lissitzky, as shown below. El Lissitzky was a modernist and worked with the Constructivism movement.

Out of all the provided images, this caught my attention; I think it has a very interesting appearance and I like the use of shapes in the image.  I felt as though this image would be good to gain inspiration from, and immediately had ideas of how the font could look.  Therefore as a group we took our images and begin sketching our font.  Below shows my sketches of this inspired type; but this is only my first idea, I am still unsure what other styles I could approach.  I may look further at the resources provided, or search for my own.