Illustrator: Facial Features

This tutorial carried on from where we left off last week, in creating the Marilyn Monroe illustration.  The first week covered the basic outline, whereas today, it covered the facial features. As we had not been taught anything like this before, we just intended to create the eye, however if we had time to proceed with other facial features.

The eye was created by using the pen tool, however we worked on top of the original Marilyn image so that we could see how to do it.  with the pen tool, we created an outline for the eye, and then filled in in black.  Our tutor Steve then show us how to manipulate lines to make them look like eyelashes, this was within the “stroke” settings.  Rather than creating new lines for each lash, I learnt how to copy, this was done by selecting, pressing alt, and moving the object, this creating a duplication.

With the main shape of the eye complete, we then had to create the white inner of the eye, which was placed behind the black outline.  To create this iris, we simply used the circle shape tool, however as it was too big, we used the scissor tool to snip off the un-needed bits of the circle, and sent the iris to the back so that it was also behind the black outline. Therefore creating the eye.Eye

Steve asked us to try create more facial features in our own time, however I don’t feel confident enough to be able to do the rest by myself, therefore will most likely wait until the next tutorial.  In my spare time though I will be practising the pen tool technique.Eye and Face