Experimentation Combination

I wanted to combine different experimental techniques to creates a new experiment.  Using Kenneth Martin random generation technique I combine it with a more creative Pin Art.  Again I used the map to pin onto, however rather than pinning the places I have been and places I want to go to, it will be controlled inspired by Martin’s chance and order series.



I used the maps intersection points as the grid, representing numbers so that I could then randomly select pairs of numbers and pin them on the map.  To create Martin’s line appearance I connect the pair of numbers with coloured string so create a similar style to Martin’s digital work, but used very differently.  Rather than using all the intersection points on the map, I only used the ones that were based on land, this gave me a number of 46 intersection points to work with.  Rather than using foam board which I did in my experimentation, I used corkboard which was much stronger.

Rather than just taking photographs, I also wanted a scanned copy of the experiments as they are a collaboration of my previous work and show the progress throughout my project.  I also wanted a scanned version so that the experiments can be seen clearer as I don’t think the photographs do it justice.  On the scan you can easily see the intersection points which was used as the grid.

Combination 1

Combination 2


I thoroughly enjoyed this experimentation.  I feel as though the combination of pin/string art, with Kenneth Martins technique creates a very interesting and strong visual.  I feel as though my experimentation has shown great development and variation and I once this had been completed I was happy to begin thinking about the final piece of the project- the “cabinet of curiosity” itself.  I intend to incorporate Kenneth Martin’s technique within my final piece to represent the unknown future.  The use of the map represents the travel theme which is personal to me, but this does not have to be so obvious within my final piece.