Travel Time Capsule Jars

Travel Jars Mood Board

I thought the idea of time capsules were fascinating, and was very fortunate to of found Andy Warhol’s examples. Doing research into time capsules, I came across some that used jars.  These jars would contain items and memorabilia or something; a place, person, memory or experience.  I decided that I would experiment with this procedure to see how well, or not so well it may work; in order to gain ideas as to what my final “cabinet” could be.

I used three jars for this experimentation.  Two of the jars represent two different places I have travelled to; Paris and the Greek Islands.  Within the jars contained items and memorabilia I had got  from these two places, therefore they are personal to me; items such as: key rings, cocktail sticks, leaflets, buttons, etc.  I also personalised the outside of the jars. I printed the Arc De Triomphe on the Paris lid and labelled it, and I printed Greek stamps on the Greek lid and labelled it, which was a nice touch. Each item within the jar brings back a memory, experience or event that occurred when I was there.  The third jar was to represent a place that I am yet to go, therefore it was left empty, untouched and unopened.

I really liked the idea of time capsule jars; using memorabilia and ephemeral papers to preserve those memories and experiences- sealing them in the jar.  The jars themselves also look rather curious to view.  The intension is that you would not be able to open the jars until a certain date.  Therefore you would only be able to view the items through the glass, which is intriguing as you will never be able to fully tell what is inside.