Pin Art Experimentation

Leading up to my Melissa Markell experimentation, I had scanned in numerous items of memorabilia which I had got from different places of travel.  One item was a World Atlas book, which I had got from America.  Below shows my scan of the book.  My collage experimentation, which can be found here, represented places of travel which I had been to; New York, Spain and Greece.  I did not use my scanned world map because it was far too general for my specific collages. With Pin Art, I thought it would be quite effective to incorporate the world map in which I could Pin on, perhaps in a similar style to that I had seen of my research- outlining certain places in the world.

World Map

After much thought, I decided that I wanted to use the map and focus on the places that I have been, as well as the ones that I want to go to. Travelling so much in the past with my family has given me this passion, and there are places that I still wish to travel to.  I want to see it all.

Linking with the travel theme, when experimenting with jars, each two jars represented a place I have been to whilst traveling, preserving memories and experiences.  But, the third jar, which was empty, represented a place I have not yet been to- focusing on future travel. Although I have dreams of going to certain places, that’s all they are, dreams.  Meaning that I will never know if I will I will be able to travel in the future, as it is completely unknown.  However, at least I have that dream, something I can inspire to achieve.


The white map with the black pins represents the places that I have been in my life.  Due to the scale I couldn’t go into depth of the places in Europe. The black map with the white pins, represents the places that I want to go to.  As you can see, there are still a lot of places which are really spread over the world.  To create this, once I had edited the map, I printed two versions out A4 and stuck them on some foam board.  The rest was just pinning!