Object Scans

When visiting Huddersfield’s Open Market, I gathered items which represented various cultures, such as stamps, newspapers, coins and maps. These items interested me, but I hoped that they may come to some use within the project.  It was still essential however, that I used materials that had come from my previous travel, therefore are personal to me.  My mum sent me a collection of items and materials from various places that we had been to, which I organised and scanned. Like viewing the holiday journal, it was interesting to look through the material as it brought back lost memories, and there were items that I had never seen before for example, a Disney Club membership from our Florida holiday in 2000.

I intended to use these personal materials when experimenting with Melissa Markell’s collage style, therefore I thought it would have been beneficial to have a virtual copy of these items, in case I was to use them in the collage.