Melissa Markell: Experimentation

I decided that when experimenting in this collage style, I will do like Markell does and have each collage represent a certain place or places of travel. This was done using memorabilia from my upbringing travel.  Looking through the material it was obvious a good majority was from New York City, such as tickets, leaflets, maps and brochures. There were also lots of material from places in Greece and Spain, however not one specific place from either.  Therefore I chose to represent the countries themselves.


Below shows the first collage I had done in the style of Markell. Although I think this is the weakest out of the three, I am still very glad that I did it because it allowed me to get a feel for the style and improve.  The majority images had come out of a book my bought from Tenerife, however I also used a postcard from Barcelona with an interesting cork material. I decided to incorporate one of my fridge magnets within this collage using a sellotape print.  This is of the woman dancing; I feel it helps the representation of the collage.

Collage- Spain

Below shows the next collage I had completed. The image represents Greece- one of my favourite countries.  My family and I have been to numerous places over Greece, mainly by Cruise ships; therefore there was a lot of material and memorabilia that could be used, however not from one specific place. In this collage, the only input which wasn’t personal is the old Greek postage stamps which I had got from Huddersfield’s Open Market- with no indication if I was going to use them or not,  was simply interested in them.

Collage- Greece

Lastly, the image bellows my final collage experiment.  This is my favourite collage out of the three, not just because it represents one of the most fascinating places I’ve been to, New York; but because I think it is a strong image that really reflects the style and works of Melissa Markell.  Due to the image composition and structure, I think it is very easy on the eye and not clustered. The visuals used show two sides to New York which I discovered whilst I was there. One, being the spectacular City with its big lights, shows, and yellow taxi’s; and the other, the history and difficulties of New York that not everybody knows about.  For example, Ellis Island immigration and the events of the 9/11.

Collage- New york

What is really important about these collages is that the material used are items that I have gathered myself from places of travel that are being represented.  Each of these places holds memories and experiences which I have learnt from which influenced the composition of the collages.