Mae Chevrette: Experimentation

I wanted my first experiment in this style to represent a place from my previous travel.  I chose to focus on my trip to Switzerland, skiing with my friends in 2009.  This is because it was one of the best weeks of my life, and one of them scenic of places. Like Chevrette’s use of travel photography, I intended to somehow use my skiing photos within the experiment. Being interested in photography, it is a shame that the photos from skiing were taken on an standard camera, as they appear blurred and would look far better with better quality.  I thought this could be a disadvantage to work with, however I decided I could hopefully manipulate the photos, and do so successfully I the style of Mae Chevrette.

Skiing Photos- Switzerland

I decided to create my experiments I would use the photography as a template in which I could work back on top of using mixed media, therefore I wasn’t too bothered as to which photo or photos to use.  Nevertheless I chose the skiing photo which I thought was most scenic and had potential to work with, but, I had selected the best parts within the photo and put them together, creating a line appearing down the middle at the change of image, this was mainly to fit into the A3 size that I wanted to work with, but also I thought it would look interesting.

Mae Chevrette template 1

Below shows the image once it was worked back into and scanned. Overall I am quite happy with the outcome.  I used a range of mixed media, such as: masking tape, paints, inks and paper. As I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the image, it took me a while creating it, as decisions were very on the spot using my initiative.  I did however know that I wanted to include some type within the experiments- like Mae Chevrette; therefore I wrote the word “travel” in ink, and had intensions to add text digitally at a later date.

Mae chevrette 1