Mae Chevrette: Experimentation Variation

With the mixed media experiments both completed, I created digital versions by scanning them in. I now could add more text to the image, and do so digitally, as well as making any minor alterations to the image to see how it looks well digitally enhanced. With the first experiment representing Switzerland, I added the text “LIVE” and “explore”, so the image now represents “LIVE travel explore”.  This obviously represents mine and Chevrette’s shared passion of travel done through my skiing holiday in Switzerland.

Mae chevrette 1 with type

The second experiment I digitally added the text “NEVER” and “home”, so that the image now reads “NEVER forget home”.  Travel is a passion of mine, however I will always have one true home, and it will always be an important place with important people, no matter where I am in the world.

Mae Chevrette 2 with text