Mae Chevrette: Experimentation Continued

For my second experiment, I wanted to focus less on travel and more about one place in particular; home.  Therefore the image will represent Blackpool.  Although Blackpool is a place I slate all the time, saying it “rough” and “cheap”, it is still important to me and holds a lot of my childhood memories- more than travel.

I’ve been to phenomenal places in my life, but whenever I am away it is always a nice thought to know that I will be going home, and to have a place that I can call home. I think the excitement of travel eventually begins to go down, and you simply want to be in a place you know you feel safe and comfortable.  The photography I chose to represent Blackpool is of the coast.  This is because it is what is commonly associated with Blackpool, but my photos show the reality of it.  In addition to this, it is a place I spend a lot of time whilst I’m home.

Home Photos- Blackpool

The method of creation was the same as my first experiment in which I worked on top of the photography. I decided to use one photo in particular because I think it has more capability to be used well in the style of Mae Chevrette. Again, I decided to split the photo into two parts as I felt it previously helped to create an interesting visual. Again I didn’t know exactly how I was going to work on top of the image, it was just a case of giving it a go, but I wished to include type once more.

Mae Chevrette Template 2

Below shows the image once it had been worked on top of and scanned. Again, this used a variety of mixed media, such as: paints, inks, masking tape, paper and this time sellotape. I created a selleotape print of Blackpool Tower, which was to help establish the image representation to any viewer.  Overall I was quite pleased with this experiment, it turned out a lot better than I had thought.  Again I decided to include handwritten text with black ink saying “forget”.  On its own, the use of text can make it seem very misleading, but I had intensions to digitally add text as well.

Mae Chevrette 2