Mood Board Theme

I decided that I would link well to the brief by choosing to focus on the theme “travel”.  This is because a lot of my upbringing has involved travelling with my parents and I am very lucky to say I have been to some remarkable places. Some of my best childhood memories have been when I were abroad and I truly think they have helped shape who I am today, therefore creating an interest to continue to travel.

When travelling with my parents, we always bring back souvenirs, such as snow globes or key chains; but we always bring back a fridge magnet. Over the years, a vast collection has been gathered and shown on our fridge.  They’ve always been nice to view, as each magnet has its own memory. When visiting home, I took photos of the magnets so I could crop each out and create a Mood board in my sketchbook. I thought this was a unique and interesting way of introducing my theme and was excited to see where it could take me.