Andy Warhol: Time Capsules

Going through my mums Holiday Journal was interesting; I liked the fact that all these memories and experiences had been preserved using items of memorabilia so that they can never be forgot or lost.  This led me to researching Andy Warhol and his “Time Capsule” work.

Obviously Warhol is a big name within the arts as he was well known for his Pop Art, exploring the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement than flourished by the 1960’s. Warhol’s “time capsules” are his biggest collection which he saved source material for his work and a large record of his daily life. Material would be gathered such as magazines or newspapers and sealed in a cardboard box- named and dated. Warhol created 612 finished time capsules; however almost unknown until his death in 1987.  To this day, people are still unaware about his time capsule collection.

Just like Andy Warhol, my mum had preserved memorabilia within something, and I feel as though the role can be passed down to me so that I can begin to preserve memories later on in life in the hope to continue travelling. Below shows my created Mood board of Warhol’s time capsule collection.

Andy Warhol Time Capsules