Understanding Type Origination

Yesterday, tutor Tracy introduced our new typography workshop project.  Rather than getting a different workshop every week,  for this project, each workshop will follow on after each other for a few weeks. Tracy focussed on typographers: Erik Sperikermann, Cyrus Highsmith and Kyle Cooper.

Spiekermann is a well known typographer; Tracy showed us a video about his work.  It was impressive to see his paper work of typography before it is formed digitally. It was interesting to know that he is inspired by other type and uses other type as a format for him to create his own.  This is done by attempting to draw existing type solely by remembering what it looks like, therefore it results in different appearances.

Cyrus Highsmith took a interesting approach to typography by being inspired by fine art. This is because he has always been interested in painting and saw himself being a fine artist rather than a graphic designer. Highsmith worked a lot in sketchbooks, not to look visually appealing, but a way of working and visually portraying his thoughts. I commonly work within sketchbooks anyway, and I feel comfortable to do so with type, however I am not yet sure what my approach to typography will be.

Kyle Cooper produced  notebooks for the intro to the film “Seven”. They took photographs of disgusting things such as dead bodies and overlaid them into the books with yellowed tape to create a disturbing but interesting visual. The notebooks included hand written text and coloured tape, which corresponded to the 7 deadly sins. I like the use of different materials and how it would involve experimentation which I enjoy to do.