After Effects: Pin Puppet

This After Effects tutorial involved animating a Pin Puppet into a walk and run cycle. Firstly we had to upload all the necessary images of the pin puppet, which were provided by Tutor Jay. This was images from both the walk and run cycle, and to prevent confusion were put in their separate folders. We were instructed to drag the walk images into a new composition with a frame rate of 24.  This process was then repeated for the “run” images, however this should last 16 seconds, so that is is faster for the “run”. With the images simply placed in the right order, it creates the illusion of movement and an animation itself.  However this was very far from complete.

Jay told us to create a new composition, 960 x 540, and 1.01 seconds long. This was to include the  ‘’  file and import it as a composition with all of the pictures separate. That way, when you delete the scan layer and add the walk composition it looks more like an animation than a drawing.  However the order of the composition needed to be changed to make it most effective. This was: Arm right, Thigh right, Shin right, Foot right, Body, Head, Arm left, Thigh left, Shin left and Foot left.

Up to this point, the procedure had been rather straight forward, but the next steps began to get more complicated. For ease of use, we linked  all parts of the composition to the body of the pin puppet. Next we needed to make the centre points on each of the pieces so that the each image rotates at the right places. The centre points should mimic joints, so there is one at the knee, ankle, shoulder, hip and neck. We then needed to match up  parts of the body to the picture.  This was using ‘position’ once it was down, we selected all and pressed ‘r’ to get the rotate animation option. So that is the general animation completed, once everything is matched up. To finalise, we animated the entire  thing, going through each original drawing, doing this for every third frame, ensuring that a key is added each time. I intend to upload the finished animation.

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