Wyre & Fylde Baits- Project and Art Exhibition

This was my final project at college, therefore was my strongest collection of work, which happened  to result in a full mark A* Grade. I filled two Square sketchbooks of work for this project, therefore I only intend to show some examples on my blog, at different stages, to show the general concept.Logo

Again my class were given different briefs in which each student could choose from; I chose the “Coastal” brief, in which you could interpret how you want.  Some students created notice board publications for a coastal environment, some created leaflets advertising “what’s going on”, etc. I however, took a different approach and decided to focus on coastal industry- fishing. I created a fishing company called “Wyre & Fylde Baits” and intended on promoting not only the company, but the coastal area within Blackpool Fylde and over Wyre (my home town).  Here shows my created logo.  A vast collection of work from this project was also used in my College Art Exhibition which I took part in at the end of my final year.



Illustration Experiment

Using my photography, I decided I wanted to create some illustrations, one representing the “coastal” theme, and the other “fishing”.  I Intended to do this in the style of Frank Newbould.  This is because his style is not only very good for advertising, but also works very well with scenery, and reminds me of a design you would see on a postcard, representing different places.

I wanted to take the illustrations a step further by seeing how they would look if they were a postcard.  Therefore I added text, so that it would help represent each place.  I was quite happy with the result.

For variation, I then wanted to see what the illustrations looked like without the black line drawing, therefore removed them, which left a white line appearance. I thought both images still looked very effective and was therefore beneficial.

Using the Illustrations, I created notepad designs.  This was mainly for the purpose of my Art Exhibition so that they could be printed and presented for people to view the development of my work and how versatile it can be used.



Mixed Media

These Experiments were inspired by the work of Juliana Neufeld who is well known for photography, illustration and mixed media.  To create these I used various media, such as paints inks, papers and masking tape.

Experiment 1

Experiment 2

Throughout the experiment I would often work back into the image at different stages; for example, as I used paints and masking tape, I kept losing the actually image, therefore I would use ink drawings to keep the main visuals in sight. Therefore creating a very layered, textured example of mixed media.

Mixed Media Typography

I wanted to use a similar approach with these experiments as Juliana Neufeld because I want to do a Mixed Media style including type.  However, for inspiration, I often looked upon the work of Mae Chevrette.  These is because she also uses similar media as to Juliana Neufeld, however focuses more of a traditional creation rather than digital, which I think is remarkable considering how good Mae Chevrette’s work is. I really like the way in which she includes type to the image which really helps bring across its representation.

I also used Mae Chevrette because I generally found her visuals very attractive, and quite a lot of her work is scenery and beaches which link well with my “Coastal” theme. I think her style is very different and distinctive.

Final Pieces