Fusion- Respiritize

This project was done in my second year of college, when I felt a little more confident with Graphic Design. I experimented and Logodeveloped throughout the project, resulting in creating some strong examples of work. Rather than being given a certain brief, this time we were to choose our own. I wanted to an advertise a product but also include my hobby in my work, Taekwondo . After much thought and planning, I decided to create and advertise a sports/energy drink I called “Fusion”- linking with martial arts therefore using Taekwondo. Here shows my created Logo.

Line Drawings

Using my photography I created basic outlines representing Martial Arts Taekwondo, then I experimented with the background and text.  They are very simply images that look rather effective. Illustrations

After I created my digital Taekwondo Illustrations, I repeated the process using fruit, this was so that I could combine the two- creating strong visuals that could represent the flavoured “Fusion” drink. My illustration inspiration came from the artwork of Ben Tallon who combines experimental mark-making with a strong command of drawn typography to reach any target audience with radiating concepts or beautiful simplicity, in a traditional and digital combination. Type

When experimenting with Typography, I wanted to include visuals that were less taekwondo based, and more drink/liquid based; as it is a drink that I will be promoting after all. However when reading the text, the words have been used very carefully that uses obvious themes of the drink, such as “water”, “fruit” and “sweet”, however the ways in which they have been used can also be associated with Martial Arts.  When creating these images I frequently looked upon the work of Sam Bevington, trying to create them in his style and looking upon his advertisement techniques.  It appears as though Sam Bevington doesn’t yet have a website, therefore if you click the link below it will take you to his images through Google. Sam Bevington Artwork

Final Pieces