Damaged Homes- A Chance For Change

This project was done in my first year of college, when Graphic Design was still new to me. However I managed to create some strong Logoexamples of work which I was proud of. My class were offered different briefs in which each student could choose from. I chose the “Charity Awareness” brief, which involved creating a charity and providing Designs to support that chosen charity. I decided to focus my charity on the Poverty within my local area of Blackpool, mainly targeting the Homelessness. Here shows my created Logo.

Using my photography, I digitally created an image outline. To create a stronger visual, I printed the outline onto brown paper and worked back into the image, shading with pencil and finishing with pen. This gave me an interesting and more detailed visual which I could then use for final pieces.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

This image was created using various kinds of mixed media, such as: photography, paper, sellotape, paints, inks and acetone. My artist inspiration was Michelle Thompson. This is because she is a strong mixed media artist using traditional collage techniques and combining them with digital work. But also because her work has involved themes of society through advertising, therefore I thought she would be good inspiration for the brief.

Click here to visit Michelle Thompson’s Website

Using Type

When creating these visuals I was inspired by the work of Rodney White who is a strong artist combining visuals with type.  Rodney creates the majority of his work by hand, which is remarkable because his visuals are very impressive.  Rather than following his technique, I used digital, and focused more on his style, the colours, composition and general attraction which makes his work so good for advertisement.