Project Representation

With Final pieces approaching I needed to think about what my final pieces could be and what they can represent-in regard to the “Street” brief. I wanted to include the transportation theme within my finals, but not necessarily in an obvious way.

Every day people walk through the streets living their lives; everybody appears to be on a journey- they are all going somewhere and have something to do. People use transportation to get around on the streets such as buses; which are endlessly used , and it becomes a routine of the same people reusing the buses, and reusing the streets of Huddersfield in order to get to where they want to go. This is what I wanted to represent in my Final Pieces, and this idea was brought about when I experimented with my line art and collage work- combining the two.

Collage and LineCollage and Line

When creating my Line Art booklet I had spare acetate material which I then re printed my work on top of.  This was because I thought it would be interesting to see how they looked on top of different backgrounds, and tried it with my collage work.

The line art are the strong visuals that represent aspects of the street: the people who use it, the transportation that supports it, and the items that are found from it. The collage background therefore represents the reusability of these aspects; this is because the collage work was made out of all reusable items that I had found and got from the street. By doing this it helped me realise visually how I wanted my final pieces to be.

I wanted to again combine both aspects through my work- the visuals of the street and transportation, with the reusable collage materials. However I wanted to do so in a way that look professional and multifunctional, so that the images created could be used for different things, e.g. as a banner on a bus, or an exhibition on the streets. Also rather than just putting the line art visuals on randomly, as done above in the experimentation; I wanted each drawing to be used and placed carefully, with a meaning behind it- which the viewer can interpret themselves. This could be done by emphasising some drawings more than others, thinking about the composition of the image and using the collage work as a template.