Line Art Booklet

Although I was happy with the way I presented my Line art work in my sketchbook for the Lucinda Rogers experimentation; I also wanted to show that each line drawing was individual and had all come from different images. Therefore I decided to create a Line Art Booklet.

The intention was that on each page it would have one of the line drawings on it, but when all the pages are together it would show them together- like the way it was presented in my sketchbook. I thought this would be visually very interesting as you can then see the line drawing on its own, as well as the combination of drawings. In order to do this I had to print each page of the booklet out in Acetate, so that it allows the booklet to be see through apart from the black drawings. This process was time consuming- like when creating the line art; however I am very pleased that I did it, and it could go alongside my presentation and act as one of my final pieces like my collage booklet.

Acetate Booklet