In order to create the Kurt Schwitters combination (where I overlaid my first collage with my improved collages), I needed to scan my collages. Although I were familiar with using scanners, I recall this to be the first time I used a scanner at University, therefore it took longer than it should have.

When I had scanned a couple of collages, I realised that the scanned result did not look how it was supposed to. The colours were much more vibrant and bold, almost as if areas had been filled in using the paint bucket tool on Photoshop.  This is because the scanner was not on the default settings, somebody before me must have changed it . Although this was not intentional, I decided to include it within my work because I thought it was interesting, and got me thinking about ways of scanning, how each result can look different according to the changes you make.


Whilst researching, I came across a Scanographer called Pierre Jarlan, however that is not his profession; last known, he was a medical student, with simply an interest in photography and what he calls “Scan Art”. Scanography isn’t a common form of practice, perhaps due to its limitations, but it can give remarkable results and very interesting visuals. I found a lot of interesting Scanography at

But Pierre Jarlan interested me in particular. A collection of his work is shown below.


The Mood Board shows 3 collection examples: Clothing and Sewing, Kitchen and Pocket; in which he has taken multiple objects and scanned them to represent certain themes. I think they are very interesting visuals and rather unique, therefore I looked forward to trying it myself, however with my own objects and items.  By looking into this type of object Scanography, it gives me the opportunity to link back to the street brief, and Transport theme by using objects associated. Below shows my four object scans which I hope convey the brief and theme.

Object Scans

I began doing something similar to the “Pocket” collection by Pierre Jarlan and scanning objects that I had with me at that time: wallet, keys, receipt, change and water bottle. However I also used items from the streets, reusable items.  Outside university, nearly every day there are people distributing the same leaflets in the same place which people always take and soon end up on the floor or in the bin. The leaflet used in the scans is one of these leaflets. To portray the transport theme I used tickets, bus and train which I had myself or collected from friends. I think the scans are effective to view and I hoped they will be used further in my experimentation.