Photo Shoot

I thought it would be beneficial to take my own photography including themes of transport but also inspired by Matt Stuart use people within my images and capture the reality of the streets of Huddersfield.

The photos shown below were actually taken upstairs on a public bus- really getting into my theme. However I am glad I made the decision to do so because I actually got some quite good photos, being high up and on the streets themselves allowed me to capture a lot of Huddersfield. For this part in particular I focused on the transport and movement theme, capturing cars, bicycles etc.

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I then decided to visit Huddersfield Train Station hoping to get some good photography there. Other than getting photos of the trains themselves I really wanted to capture the atmosphere of the station therefore exploring surroundings and using the people at the station within my images. In particular I tried to capture the dull and tedious aspect of waiting for a train with the dead atmosphere, as well as the busyness and crowded atmosphere when a train is due.

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Below shows the best photos taken from the Photo Shoot. There are a range of photos representing transport and movement, doing so through the beautiful streets of Huddersfield.