Mood Boards

I wanted to create a collection of images to use as a visual aid, so that I could gain ideas on what could be represented for “Street-Graphics”. Firstly I decided that I would gather images relating to the Transport and Movement theme, this was done simply by getting images found on the internet. I intended the Mood board to be very general, rather then looking at- which it did.Page 2

I could have focussed on what type of transport, for example buses; or I could have looked into transportation methods which are more environment friendly, such as walking or cycling. Also doing the Mood Board gave me ideas for experimentation- I could have looked into maps- creating my own, or light photography- monitoring the busyness of traffic and different times.

My next Mood Board was more specific.  Whilst researching I came across a photographer called Matt Stuart. Stuart essentially is a street photographer with a collection of images in Black and White and colour. Looking at his work online I thought his photography was rather impressive. I really like the way in which he has captures the streets.  Rather than focussing on transport, I wanted to really look into the way people perceive the street itself. I like how Stuart includes people within his photography; the way he captures them creates almost a sort of scenario of what is going on in the image, or leaves it for the viewer to interpret.  This is because the people are not posing for the camera, they are simply going about their everyday lives, truly showing a natural and realistic perception of the streets.  I in particular prefer his collection in colour.

Page 3

“I am not sure which came first, being nosey or an interest in ‘street photography’, but a fascination with people and the way they live their lives is why I enjoy the business so much”.

Click here to visit Matt Stuart’s website