Kurt Schwitters

Schwitters 1887- 1948 was a German painter, sculptor, typographer and writer who worked in other genres and media such as: Dada, Constructivism, Surrealism, Poetry, Sound, Graphic Design and what became to be known as Installation Art. However, he is most famous for his collage work- Merz Pictures. This was initiated in 1918.

Schwitters used materials such as labels, bus tickets and bits of broken wood in his collages and constructions. This particular of work interested me within my Street Graphic project. I find his work very visually interesting and intriguing, but also I felt as though this this collage style would work well with my Street Graphic project as I can use materials from the street and associated with transport. I had never done much collage work before therefore I looked forward to experimenting and using Kurt Schwitters as inspiration.

Below shows a Mood Board I created with various examples of Kurt Schwitters work.

Mood Board

Click to enlarge.