Workshop: Personal Timeline

In this workshop with Tracy, we were shown examples of work, before being set our own task. One example that was shown was of the London Underground Map, which most people are familiar with.

Underground map

The reason we were shown this is because Tracy wanted to look ways to explore and interpret facts through Information Graphics; “simplifying complex data to convey understanding through memorable design” which is essential for visual communicators. This example in particular has a busy and colourful appearance making it look very complex, but it is simply a series of well structured lines, each representing something, possible routes to be taken.

The workshop task set was to create a “GRAPHIC CV” OR Curriculum Vitae meaning life story. Like the Underground Map example, we are to use colour and graphical representation, however to consider from a more personal aspect, thinking of the influences and impacts in your life. This could be done through people, e.g. family or friends. Or it can be certain stages or moments in your life that have become of importance to you.

With it being personal, I can create the “Graphic CV” in any way suitable; however I think it is an effective appearance by using the line method as done in the underground example. Although information graphics is considered to have a neutral voice to convey information, the design outcomes can be very visually effective and if it includes personal representation- expressive.

Firstly I drew out a canvas in which my lines would work within. I had the intention of using family members that had had the most impact in my life, but also events and period/stages of time that have been important to me and made me who I am today. The higher on the “graph” I’ll call it considering that’s how it currently appears, means the more impact and importance they had on my life at that time. Time, being represented on the bottom. The bottom line acts as though a timeline of my life starting from the day I was born to present day. I wrote numbers along the bottom where I thought appropriate so I could use them as a guideline when creating my lines. Each number represents my age.

des dev037

As you can see the series of lines creates a very complicated but interesting appearance. By each lines I marked the initials of what it was representing so I didn’t get lost within the image myself. Some line representations are very personal to me therefore I would rather not highlight each one, however, the beauty about the image is that it can be interpreted however it wants. I scanned in my drawing, and then digitally added colour. The red and pink lines, represent my Mum and Dad who are the most important people to me. However, as you can see, throughout my life that hasn’t always been the case.

Timeline Timeline without background

I am unsure whether or not I am satisfied with this work. I feel that at some stage I may go back to it and allow it to be more of an information graphic, as it is not currently obvious. In doing that I may need to explain the representation of each line.