Our First Essay…

Our first Essay for the course had to been 500 words long and could be about anything we wanted, in context to our lectures. Our lecturers, Spencer, Allison and Rob cover different topics, however you begin to see links between them, whether intentional or not.

My initial reaction to the Essay brief was panic, this was because it was so broad and I had no ideas as to what I could write an essay about, especially to a successful manner. Our chosen topic finishing the sentence “How I think about…” could be anything as long as it was taken from one of our lectures. It could be something that inspired us, an artist or author, or it could be something more specific as to a certain book or image. Thankfully it was only 500 words because I struggled with my choice of topic.

Although we were told it could be anything from our lectures, it was preferred if we chose something from Spencer’s or Allison’s. At that stage Alison’s lecture topics had been “How do we think about”: Modernism, Postmodernism, Culture and Representation, Subjectivity and Gender and Sexual Difference. Generally I found Allison’s lectures more interesting, her use of visuals give me a better understanding of the point she is trying to make. Therefore I decided that the topic of my essay will be something that I had taken from one of her lectures.