3000 Word Essay

Recently we were given our second Essay brief, this time it had to be 3000 words long rather then the previous 500. In a way I was quite pleased with the amount we could write, in the previous essay I found it difficult trying to get all my points within only 500 words, therefore this essay should give me the opportunity to truly express and explore my points through my research.

The previous essay was rather broad, unlike our new one, it is a little more specific but still gives us the chance to personalise the work and offers a variety of approaches. We are to “Write a contextualisation and critique of the work of a 21st Century Graphic Designer or Typographer”. Our choice  of practitioner is entirely our own, and should reflect their importance to us as an undergraduate graphic designer. I must choose my practitioner wisely in order to write 3000 words about them, contextualising the importance of their practice using my own knowledge, but also attempting to establish whether or not I think 21st century work is classed as “Postmodern”.

Naturally when hearing the brief my mind started wondering of the 21st designers I am familiar of, however nothing in particular stood out. I am unsure as to what kind of designer would be good to analyse, what would be a good designer to use?

I intend to research into the designers I am familiar of, but also some I am not, broadening my horizon to the possible paths in which I can take. I am also unsure whether or not I would rather do a very well known designer, or somebody who is a bit more discrete, it could potentially more interesting and intriguing if the reader had never heard of the designer before, or only remotely familiar with their work.