Reframing Workshop- Rich to Poor

In this workshop Tracy wanted to focus on Reframing, taking a different perspective which can lead to stunning breakthroughs. Tracy showed us examples of people who have focused of reframing from a different perspective, for example, violinist Joshua Bell who is famous in the music world and well known to perform in front of a large and respected crowd, dressed down and performed in a subway for a day recording peoples reactions. He earned $32.17.

We were shown visuals examples in addition, such as Ambrigam Tattoos which are words which spell one thing, but then when turned upside down, read something else, for example “Right” and “Wrong”. We were also shown an example called “Sky and Water” which is shown below.  It shows the shape of a bird gradually transforming into a fish.

The task we were set was to create our own transformation from one word to another in 9 stages. This could use pattern, colour, type or imagery to merge the stages into a visual narrative. We had to reframe our approach and convey a meaning of your own choosing.

Examples are: Fearful-courageous/ Beautiful-Hideous

I decided that I would use imagery to represent my themes of transformation from one word to another, and I decided to do “Rich-Poor”. This is because I feel that it is something everybody can relate to and it can be interpreted in multiple ways. For example, I see it as, people who have lots of money can be greedy and selfish- not giving to charity or helping others, spending all their money without hesitation. This would lead to a loss of money may eventually be the ones begging themselves.