InDesign Tutorial- Mini Assignment

In Monday’s tutorial with George- the tutor, he felt as though he had done his place in teaching us the basics and a general understanding of InDesign, therefore as I way of proving whether we really have or not, he set us a little assignment.

George told us that we don’t have to do the assignment if we want to, it is really for our benefit by putting what we learnt into practice, although it does give George a good idea whether or not people have learnt anything. The assignment is to create a magazine or leaflet with a chosen topic or brand- providing information and images. It does not need numerous pages, perhaps a couple; and it does not need to be printed. Therefore in my spare time I will create a leaflet, and I will upload the stages and the final design on my blog.

I am still unsure as to what my leaflet will be about, but I will be happy just creating a basic leaflet which shows the general understand that I have gained, rather than creating something fancy, as it is only a mini assignment we have been set without an official deadline.