Richard Hamilton: Recreation

On our Tuesday session, we were set the task of recreating Richard Hamilton’s work, in particular “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing”?

Richard Hamilton

This is a collage/photo-montage image where it is showing a room made up of separate images that have been combined.  The significance of Hamilton’s work is that each aspect of this image represents something: a time, place or event which he is choosing to emphasise. I can clearly understand why were we set this task but, it can strongly influence our “Cabinet Of Curiosity” project.  This is because our cabinet also must represent something and have significance, whether it is something personal or a feeling that is shared with various people. Below shows a collection of work by Richard Hamilton.

Mood Board

When creating my Richard Hamilton inspired photo-montage, I began collected images from current news magazines, which could be used as different objects within the room, but also it would be something that could represent today’s modern age of furniture and technology. From magazines I used images such as: a sofa, mobile phone, and a woman. I chose the woman because I thought she looked very modern and could represent women this day and age that are more independent to look and act how they want. However, once I did a little research, I found out that this woman was a feminist; therefore this could be a definite theme of the image.  This explains why Hillary Clinton is featured on the television, and the use of Barbara Kruger’s ark displayed on the wall. Using modern art and furniture I wanted to represent a modern age, however I also wanted to include some global issues such as poverty and recycling.