Caine’s Arcade- Cardboard Challenge Part 2

Reflecting on the brief given, It is important that our creation must have playfulness in mind and invoke curiosity and intrigue. Eleanor Joe and myself wanted to create our Fortune Teller booth to portray playfulness, and have good use of interaction.

Our initial idea was to create the booth large enough so that one of us can go inside, however, this may have been a little ambitious as we did not have enough materials, as well as time. Therefore we decided on creating a smaller booth, in which will be operated by a persons hand. I’m glad we made this decision, I think it worked better in our favour. As it was smaller, it was portable, and we were able to go into more depth with the booth, creating cards, coins, and slots. Also, we were able to make sure the booth itself was attractive and had the correct appearance- ensuring it looked intriguing. This is due to the lettering and the created crystal ball on the front, along with the coins situated in the front platform.

The use of the booth is very simple and straightforward. The user would take a coin from the front platform, and insert it into the “machine”. As the coin falls it lands into a created cardboard tray so they are not loose in the game. At this point, either Eleanor Joe or myself would be behind the booth, with our hand inside so that we can choose a “fortune” card and present it through the top, thus giving the user their fortune. These fortunes invoke feelings of fun, surprise and delight.

Fun- “Your next sandwich will be disappointing”
Surprise- “You will fail Uni…but become a Superstar”
Delight “John will be positive about your work”

I am overall very pleased with our outcome. We worked well together and I feel that we succeeded in making a game which is playful, yet intriguing. If we was to improve on this, we could go back to our initial idea and create a large booth which somebody can go inside, but also more cards can be made so that there is less chance of repetition and more chance they will be well suited to an individual.