Caine’s Arcade- Cardboard Challenege

On Monday, we were shown a video regarding a 9 year old boy, Caine, who created an entire arcade out of cardboard and inspiring lots of other kids to do the same, helping the Imagination Foundation.

From watching the video, we were set a task to create our own cardboard piece of work- whatever we wanted. This will benefit us with our new brief (Cabinet Of Curiosity) because it is all about thinking creativity and using your imagination, which we will need to do when create final pieces for our cabinet of curiosity or shrine.

However, I couldn’t help feel a little overwhelmed as to what to make. Therefore I felt it would be best to work in a group, putting together four heads rather than one. Eleanor, Joe, Helen and myself generated several ideas, until we finally decided on attempting to create a Fortune Teller booth, this decision was made after getting some advice from our tutor John. This idea was chosen because it has a fun element to it, (like Caine’s arcade) and is interactive.

Ideally, we would like for somebody to be sat inside the box, so that once a cardboard coin has been entered, it will reveal a cardboard message from the person inside. We realise it may be difficult to create such a large object, therefore we have started with a small prototype and hope to develop it, and see how it progresses.

fortune-telling box