Assessment Brief- The Cabinet Of Curiosity

Recently, we have been given our second brief, “The Cabinet Of Curiosity”, and like any brief it is meant to “promote research, creative thinking, experimentation, semiotics and visual narrative.” The Briefs wants us to derive ideas from the world around us, our own background, childhood, relationships or from social and political environment. Our work has to reflect an idea, memory or theme which is supposed to be personal to us, or have some in depth meaning.

Although I thought the brief sounded very interesting, it also left me very clueless as it was not the sort of brief I was expecting. The work does not have to be a literal cabinet, but should include collected or found objects of some relevance. We looked at Joseph Cornell’s work, who creates everything with boxes, having his own unique and recognisable style. Below shows a mood board I created containing examples of Joseph Cornell’s work.

Joseph Cornell

Click here to view more of Joseph Cornell

I intend to generate ideas of what is personal to me, and use experimentation to truly engage with the brief.