Week 5, Task 5: Layout

Now that I had completed my thumbnail sketches of layouts and composition, the next step was to refine and create an A3 visual using grids, experimenting with layouts- using the ideas from the thumbnails.  It wasn’t just about doing it on a larger scale, this gave us chance to stick text from our stories onto the page, experimenting with the sizes, font styles and structure, in order to see what works best.

The thumbnails were very helpful, it gave me a couple of ideas to work with, and I had a strong variety of text. My first grid helped me decide that I would want a layout that wasn’t so standardly structured; I would like the text to work around the image rather vice versa.  Therefore, my second grid I tried to bring in the characters to create strong visuals for the story, and set a scenario and a setting. I was rather happy with the outcome of my second grid, and know that I would refine that to get my final design.

Grid 1 Grid 2