Photoshop: Colour Correction with Curves

This tutorial was about using colour correction with curves to manipulate an image and do so in a non-destructive manner. Using an image provided, we was taught to balance out the white and colour by going into the colour settings and changing the RGB. Using the histogram I could look at the colour balance of the image and establish if the image and too much or less of one colour, for example, blue. In this case, there was too much blue, so I had to bring it down to a more equal amount. I used a colour drop tool to select different skin tones, along with a neutral grey. Doing this allowed me to balance out the colours and use the curves to remove the blue without being destructive.

Colour correction

I found this tutorial quite useful because I have never done anything quite like it before, If I personally was to edit the image giving the same appearance I would have done it the destructive way, but now I know another approach. Also doing this tutorial was useful because you cannot always establish an image from just viewing it, for example, I wouldn’t have said that there was too much blue from looking at it, but using the colour correction I know that there was.