After Effects: Text

When creating the slideshow in the first After Effects tutorial, we touched upon using text, but nothing compared to the extent of its capabilities in After Effects.  This tutorial was all about how to use text, and manipulate it. Adding text was first, and that’s the simple bit; you can then adjust the text however you want, in size proportion, width etc.  By holding down shift, it keeps the image in proportion (like Photoshop).

We were shown how to use text on the timeline, creating the illusion of movement, this was also fairly simple.  However, putting the text onto a path was gradually more difficult. I had problems drawing the path and enabling it to be a “mask path” most of the time I seemed to be drawing random squiggles.

Text Path settings

Using the animate tool, we explored with the position, rotation and opacity tools. Position allowed the letters to be dropped down individually, and there were different settings (If you know what you are doing) that can make the text drop down in different positions and at different times, which can look very visually effective. Looking at the After Effect presets I thought was beneficial; I got the impression that they would come in handy. This was through bridge which I am familiar with through Photoshop.

Presets 19.26

I then began to get confused.  I definitely require more practice on After Effects. We looked upon converting the text shapes from text tool- choosing the wiggle path, which changed the style of the path, and create a nice animation. Overall, I thought this tutorial was helpful, but I definitely found it more challenging that the previous After Effect tutorials, therefore I think I will practice a little more before starting to attempt any After Effects projects.