Photoshop: Portrait Clean-up

This session involved learning how to do a Portrait Clean-up using a provided image of a woman.  When you first view the woman you don’t necessarily think she needs a “clean-up”; there isn’t any drastic with her skin? However, when you zoom in you begin to notice blemishes and patches, which is perfectly natural, everybody has them.

Using the spot healing tool first, on a separate layer (so it in non-destructive to the original image) I began to go around the facial features looking for any areas that can be smoothed and blended in to her skin- things such as spots or beauty marks.  Some areas of her skin looked rather dark so to build it up and bring back some of the skin colour, I used the clone stamp tool (again, on a separate layer). This was done by pressing alt in an area that you want to blend it with, and placing it on the area you want to improve. This was especially done under her eyes.

Whilst using the clone tool, sometimes it can leave marks, strokes, or smudges where the it hasn’t blended or smoothed very well; therefore I then used the patch tool so select the areas that needed improving and blend it with areas where the skin looks well. In addition to the editing on her skin, we also lightened the colour of her eyes and adjusted the overall effect of the image so that it looks like a more professional portrait. Some edits were more obvious that others, but I hope mine looks realistic.


spot healingg