Photoshop: Masks

As we had used the pen tool last session, and touched upon masking, we could now try something more advance. Using the photography provided, we removed the fish from its original image, and placed it within another image to create the illusion that the fish is in a different location.



Using the pen tool we selected the object we wanted to edit, for this instance, the fish.  This was done exactly the same as when doing the Latte box, we inverted the selection so that we were able to mask the background layer, therefore revealing only the fish.  The image below shows this, along with the layers on Photoshop.

Fish being masked

Once I had the fish onto the reef background, it looked obvious that the image had been manipulated.  To blend the fish within the background, we were told to use the mask layer and “paint” over it with black; this was like a rubber effect, removing the fish.  However, in order to blend, this needed to be done on a low transparency, and just around the edges of the fish, or areas that looked out of place.  Once I did one fish, I then duplicated it adding two more along with a small yellow fish from a different image.A collection of Fish