Photoshop: Channel Masking

I have a good understanding of Photoshop, but there are always things to learn and there are so many ways of doing the same thing!  In this session we focused on cutting more complex image masks in which you cannot simply go around with the pen tool.  What makes this so difficult is that you have to cut out the hair, and make it realistic on the new image, therefore it has to blend.



We started off by using the RGB channels, which is not something I often come across. We selecting the image with most contrast and turned off the others leaving the image black and white. Using masking we pained over the model in black. Like other masking, we inversed the selection so that the model is removed from the background.  This done, I was able to put her onto a new image, we used a sky background.  In order to make the image blend, again you use the masking technique and fade parts of the image, or bring back parts of the image to make it look most realistic.


When the model had blended more so into the background, I then adjusted the background, mainly just the contrast and colours so that it goes better with the model, in my opinion.