Photoshop: Pen tool- Latte Box

Our first Photoshop tutorial was learning how to cut around an image, separating it from its original using the pen tool. I am quite familiar with Photoshop, however there are so many ways of doing the same thing! It is always beneficial to learn more about different methods in process.


The idea was to remove the latte box from its background, or vice versa. Using the pen tool, I outlined the box, then by going onto paths (next to layers) you can select what the pen tool has outlined by pressing command and selecting the path layer.

Now that we have the latte box selected, rather than messing around putting it onto a blank canvas, it would be easier to remove the background.  Therefore, by going onto “Select” at the top bar, and choosing Inverse, it will select all content of the image apart from the latte box (background).

With the background being selected, you can easily remove it by pressing delete, which will then leave you with only the latte box.  However, this is destructive. Rather than deleting it, you can put a layer mask on it, which will then hide the background and leave you with the same outcome, so that it is non-destructive.

Seperating the image from its background