Photoshop: Adding colour to images

Using provided images from the tutor Jay, we was taught how to add colour to an image.  The image provided had been drawn and scanned in, providing a good template to work with.

Star Scan

As a way of selecting different aspects of the image, we used the Polygonal Lasso tool.  This worked well because the image was black and white (good contrast) so that the lasso tool could easily pick up the areas in which we wanted to colour.

Using the paint bucket tool, we adding different colours to different areas of the image.  However, when doing this, it is important that you do each addition on separate layers, in case anything goes wrong.  But also, you do not want to paint straight on top of your template because it is destructive.  It is best to do it on separate layers, that way you can see how you have manipulated the image. Using layers, you can play around with the order of them to see which gives the best visual effect.

This process is rather simple, however very effective.

Star- Added colour