My Short Story


Thunk thunk thunk– on the door. “Housekeeping!” exclaimed Sally at the top of her voice.  Normally, Sally is rather pleasant to be around, and I enjoy her company.  However, there was definitely something not quite right with Sally today, her voice sounded harsh yet disheartened.

In she came; her eyes looked red and swollen, almost as if she had been crying, but her face; her mouth was as friendly as always, half grinned and showing a little teeth beyond her pink shaded lipstick.  I couldn’t help wondering why Sally seemed to be putting on such a brave face, she is usually very open.  But then, my question was answered.  I felt the vibration of footsteps, thump thump thump against the oak floor, one stern and confident, and the other more hesitant, however, the sound of the high heels digging into the floor was unsettling.  “I’m sure this room will be more than satisfactory” I heard Sally say, with a friendlier enthusiastic tone. “And…a-a-apologies for before Sir, I promise i-i-it won’t happen again” Sally stuttered.

“You’re Damn right it won’t happen again” A man’s voice blurted out.  He sounded impatient, and his voice seemed to echo down the corridor.  His voice was shortly followed by a high pitch and un-classy snort, from the woman I assume wearing the Heeled shoes, or so I hope.

Sally, lay towels and other essentials on the bed, then escorted herself out. I could hear her sniffling and muttering as she walked down the corridor to collect her trolley.  The couple crept in, and stood under the Chandelier, so I could now see them.  They were neither old, nor young, but from a distance it would be difficult to establish. The man was tall, with arms of a body builder and legs like tree trunks. He looked in-human compared to the woman.  She was petite, with limbs that could snap like a twig.  It didn’t help that she was wearing a tight, cheap; body suit just covering her Everest sized heals.

“Now, this is what I am talking about babe, good job” said the man huskily.  As he did so, he grabbed the woman’s puny wrist and pulled her closer. The man looked at her like a trophy, but the look wasn’t returned. I then noticed that they had both been wearing wedding rings.  Are they married? I’ve seen many married couples before, but never like this.  There is something almost uncomfortable. Or perhaps I am overthinking it; they might simply be newlyweds wanting a romantic weekend away.

It was an eerie cold night in Swansea.  The rain pattered, and the wind rapped against the window, which was not fully closed. Although it was a chilly night, something menacing could be felt in the air.  The charming couple had removed themselves from my presence and it appeared that they were staying out for the night.  The lights slowly started to dim as I drifted off to sleep.  Suddenly, I heard a thump; a key began to slowly rotate in the lock of the door, until it made an unwelcoming click.  At first I assumed it was just the couple returning after their evening out. But when the door slowly creaked open, I realised that this was an unwanted guest.

It was dark, light was only coming from the streetlights.  The door had fully opened, but all I could see was a black figure.  Who was it?  It was most certainly not the man; his figure is far more recognisable. The figure began to creep into the room, slowly and carefully, like a mouse- trying not to draw attention.  Finally, they began to move closer to the light, until it hit their face.  I could see a shy, timid face with pink shaded lipstick. It was Sally!

After the immediate shock, I began to wonder, why is Sally here? It’s obvious she was upset before, could it be something to do with that? I noticed her eyes wondering around, until they finally fixed onto something, it was on the floor, jewellery. She knelt down and delicately picked up an earring, compared it to one already in her hand, and put it in her pocket.  Sally wasn’t stealing! She was simply collecting her earing which she must have lost. I felt relieved.  However, that feeling soon became overtaken by fear.

The doorway became filled with a new figure; however this one was large, with arms of a body builder and legs like tree trunks.  “Couldn’t keep away could ya” said a slurred and husky voice. Sally jumped out of her skin, and her head span towards the doorway. She placed her hand on her chest and her eyes widened.

“Oh, Sir, you startled me” she paused, and waited for the man’s response, but he was silent. She carried on “I’m ever so sorry, I was simply trying to find my earing”.

Before the man entered, I was overwhelmed by his odour of tobacco and alcohol. Sally continued to explain herself, but he remained silent. He then staggered forward, like a baby learning how to walk, and when he reached the light; I saw his eyes, they were huge and bloodshot.

“You broke into my room, you bad girl” he said very sinister, then began to chuckle to himself.  Immediately Sally shot up, and attempted to push past him, but was countered and pushed to the wall-banging her head, with his beefy hands clasped around her thin neck. The man forcefully kissed Sally, until distracted by his phone which began vibrating and fell out of his pocket. The man’s eyes locked with Sally’s, “You tell no one about this” he whispered.  The latch onto Sally’s neck appeared to loosen, and he made Sally swear she would never speak of this.

It was 7am; the window had still been left open, so I was bitterly cold. By now Sally had left, and the man’s wife had returned and joined him in bed.  When she returned, she had also been drinking, therefore was more talkative.  But one thing that didn’t change was the look in her eye towards her “husband”. It wasn’t love, it was fear.

Once the couple awoke, I was thankful to see that they started packing their belongings; I regularly attend to different types of people, but nothing quite like this. The woman, who I felt sorry for, was doing most of the packing, but not all were her belongings! She had a large bag which she started to fill. She added dressing gowns, bed sheets, lamps, even the mini bar contents. What is happening? Surely they are not stupid enough to try stealing all this stuff? With each item, I became weaker.  Sooner or later I’ll be left with nothing, and I will die.

Bang! I heard a car boot slam outside the window. “Are you Stupid?” hissed the man towards his wife at the window. At this point I was feeling empty; he had passed valuables through the window, things such as large paintings, telephones and even the television. Then he himself shot out the window.  The lights began flashing hysterically, and the walls shaking. It was a struggle, but I was fighting it, I was fighting it until I could fight no more. Eventually, the lights began to fade, the walls began to settle and I slowly became nothing but a room, an inanimate empty room.

“So, this is where it all happened…” I recognise that voice. Slowly everything that was once dark became bright, and clear.  It was blurred, but I instantly knew who it was, it was Sally.  Next to Sally was another figure, but whom? I feared it was the man again. Thankfully it was a police officer.

“You’ll be pleased to know that we have arrested them Miss, it truly was a bizarre incident and much unexpected from a couple of newlyweds”.